Neil Rich, Kori Rich and Tim Graber accept $155,000 grant from the Washington County Riverboat Foundation

On Wednesday, November 16 the Washington County Riverboat Foundation (WCRF) held its benefit event at the Riverside Casino and Golf Resort to hand out spring and fall grants to deserving organizations.

A grant totaling $155,000 was awarded to the WACO Community School Foundation, and they plan to use that money to update the school’s athletic complex.

WACO teacher, Kori Rich was in attendance to accept the grant. When asked about the project, Rich explained, “We’re getting bigger and we are starting to outgrow what we have. For safety reasons, we needed better lighting. We wanted to be able to host more events outside. We have a huge community following so we really wanted to be able to give back to our community and make it a safe place for their kids and for the community members to gather and be proud of WACO.”

WACO aims to have the project completed during the summer of 2023.

WCRF is a non-profit organization established in 2004. They have donated over $3 million dollars this year alone, including 17 spring grants, 14 fall grants, and 8 municipal grants.