Meet the Board Members

Board of Education

Back Row (l-r): President, Tim Graber, Vice- President, Jared Achen, Neil Rich Front Row (l-r): Barb Shelman, Megan Waterhouse

School Board Information

Mission Statement

The mission of the WACO Community School district is to develop responsible, productive citizens who view learning as a life-long process. WACO's educational environment encourages continuous improvement, problem-solving, measurable outcomes, and community involvement.


To create an educational environment that affords all students the opportunity to succeed.

Guiding Principles

To focus on our vision that is good for all students

  • To clearly communicate information that benefits all students, the community, and parents. 

  • To receive, use and discuss information to make good decisions that provide the best possible resources for all students.

  • To encourage, support, and promote programs, staff, policies, and curriculum that provide all students the skills to become productive citizens.

  • To seek and promote the use of funding sources to provide needed benefits for all students.

  • To provide a positive and productive school climate.

District Goals

  • To communicate with staff and community concerning Board expectations.

  • Adopt Comprehensive School Improvement Plan, Professional Development Plan, Assessment Strategies, and Program Evaluations that effectively measure student achievement.

  • Provide a curriculum that meets the needs of all students.