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Transportation Information

Bus Transportation, Special Transportation, Student Drivers Education, Minor Drivers, School Driving Permit:

Mr. Woody Harden, Transportation Director 


Bus Barn: 319.653.3695


Bus transportation is provided by the district for students' and parents' convenience.  Students are expected to behave in a safe, orderly manner.  Students exhibiting behavior that is not acceptable may be suspended from the bus.   Being suspended from bus transportation to and from school does not qualify as an excused absence.  The driver and/or adult monitor is in charge of the bus, students, and their safety.  Students will obey the driver and/or adult monitor at all times.  Parents should transport all animals and large items being brought to/from school.


One of WACO’s goals is to provide the most convenient transportation to and from school in the safest way possible.  In an effort to ensure the safety of your children and to minimize confusion among teachers, bus drivers, substitute teachers and substitute bus drivers, parents need to use a single pick up and drop off point.  If there is a need for additional pick-up or drop-off points they will need to be the same each week.  If your child’s bus or after-school routine needs to be changed, send a note, with a parent’s signature, to your child’s teacher.  Except in case of an emergency, a request for change may not be submitted more than twice during the school year.

Students should be at the designated loading points on time.  If they have to walk any distance along the highway, they should walk on the left side, facing traffic.  They should not stand in the road while waiting for the bus.

Before entering the bus, students should clean excess mud and snow off their feet.  Students are assigned seats on the bus and are to occupy that seat only.  Students are to remain seated while the bus is in motion and remain seated until the bus stops at its destination.

Students are considered bus passengers not only on the regular daily routes but also on any special bus trips such as field trips; band, vocal, and athletic contest trips; etc.  On these trips, students must ride the bus to and from the activity unless they have prior permission.

Bus drivers are instructed to stop only at their designated stops and at the school buildings.  Please do not ask him/her to do otherwise.

Secondary Students:
Transportation to and from activities will be furnished by the school.  Students belonging to the group or team or participating in the activity will travel as a group.  Students will not provide their own transportation.

 Occasionally it is necessary for students to ride home with parents (the student's own parents or another student's parents).  If a student rides home with his/her own parents, no note is necessary, but the parent must make contact with the coach or sponsor before leaving the event.  If the student is to ride home with another student's parent, the student should bring a note to the coach from his/her parents regarding such arrangements.  At the time the student is to leave the event, the parent driving must make contact with the sponsor or coach.  Without contact, the student will ride the school transportation home.

Secondary student transportation is limited. Students living within the Wayland city limits will not be provided transportation to/from school. Students are responsible for transporting themselves to school. Secondary students living within Crawfordsville city limits may ride the bus to/from school by getting on/off the bus at the Elementary. Secondary students living within Olds city limits may ride the bus by getting on/off at the Olds park and secondary students living within Swedesburg city limits will need to get on/off the bus at the Parrish Hall. 

Goal:    The WACO school buses will be a safe and orderly (appropriate) environment where people interact with courtesy and respect.
 Responsible School Bus Behavior
Students will:
    1.  Board and exit the bus in a friendly, orderly manner.
    2.  Greet the bus driver appropriately.
    3.  Go directly to your assigned seat.
    4.  Sit facing forward with their bottom on the seat.  Keep their hands, feet, and other objects to yourself for the entire bus ride.
    5.  Place his/her book bag, lunch box, and instruments out of the aisle.  Bus aisle should remain clear at all times.
    6.  Lunches, snacks, beverages, or treats (candy, pop, or gum) must remain in lunch boxes or book bags.
    7.  Keep the bus clean and safe.
    8.  Visit quietly with the students near your seat.
    9.  Only use appropriate, friendly language.
  10.  Follow the driver’s and/or adult monitor’s instructions at all times.
  11.  Disagree appropriately, if necessary.
  12.  Report peer behavior to the bus driver after the bus unloads except in an emergency situation.

Bus questions may be directed to  Mr. Woody Harden, Transportation Director at  wharden@washington.k12.ia.us, or by calling 319.653.3695.

Parents are encouraged to address questions and bus concerns with bus drivers. Drivers personal cell phone numbers may only be obtained from the driver. WACO CSD does not require drivers to give out their personal phone numbers. Parents/guardians are encouraged to notify the Bus Barn if your student does not need to be picked up. Please allow plenty of time for communication with drivers.

WACO recognizes that circumstances change during the school year. If you are new to the district or have moved within the district and need to request your student bus route changes please complete the attached document and return the sheet to your child's school office. Please allow time for the information to be updated with the driver. A minimum of 24 hours, other than emergency situations, is requested. 

Bus Route Change Request Form

Bus # Bus Driver
#02 Mr. Steve "Harpo" Conrad
#04 Mr. Geoff Proffitt
#08 Mr. Gary Roberts
#12 Mrs. Tammy Davis
#14 Mr. Chaz Hazellett
Alternative Transportation  
Hard Surface Routes
If/when the need arises for Hard Surface routes information will be communicated with parents and students, including location, and approximate time. This information is typically communicated in October before the threat of weather hits. To stay up to date on when hard surface routes will be used sign up for Iowa School Alerts  

To View the 2020 Hard Surface map please click the link below for your nearest pick-up location. 

2020 WACO Hard Surface Bus Route Map

Tune into:
KCII Radio 106.1 FM
KILJ Radio 105.5 FM


Students are permitted to park on school premises as a matter of privilege, not of right. The school retains authority to conduct routine patrols of the student parking lots. The interior of a student's vehicle on the school premises may be searched if the school official has reasonable, expressed suspicion to believe that illegal, unauthorized, or contraband items are contained inside. 


Minor Licenses and School Driving Permits:

A link to the State of Iowa Underage Drivers' information is included for your reference. 


Drivers Education:

check back for additional information

School Driving Permits:

Upon successful completion of an approved Driver's Education course, students may apply for a School Driving Permit. 

Additional information coming soon

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